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Neil Packer / One of a Kind

Neil Packer has had a long and successful career as an illustrator and designer. And now the time has come for a major exhibition.

Much of his more recent work has been for Walker Books and the spur for this show is his most recent book for them which is the culmination of an idea he’s been nursing for many years. ‘One of a Kind’ has given him the chance to pull together aspects of taxonomy in a charming narrative.

‘Neil Packer takes children on a fascinating journey through various categories of things with an oversize picture book, “One of a Kind: A Story About Sorting and Classifying”. … It’s a mesmerizing collection of collections for readers ages 6-10.’ Meghan Cox Gurdon in the Wall Street Journal

‘A large and colourful book which beautifully communicates fascinating information, from types of cloud formations, to varieties of apples, names of tools, and constructions of family trees. All designed and illustrated in a playful and engaging way. Part art book part encyclopaedia – a book to lose yourself in.’ Lauren Child, on LoveReading4Kids

‘A magnificent book that is as captivating and witty as it is beautifully illustrated. I loved it.’ Peter Frankopan

‘Today’s a good day for apple picking! ???????????? I haven’t stopped thinking about this marvelous spread in Neil Packer’s ONE OF A KIND: A STORY ABOUT SORTING AND CLASSIFYING since I first saw it (same goes for the cheese pages…). This oversized book is such a treat for visual learners; gorgeous illustrations take us through a day in the life of young Arvo as he learns about classification.’ The Curious Reader

Many people will have noticed Silk Roads, the book written by Peter Frankopan and illustrated by Neil. With the clever use of so many illustration styles to suggest different periods in history he made this into a sensational book which has sold in over eleven different languages.

It’s been The Folio Society which has given Neil the breadth of work over the past twenty years and he’s very much enjoyed the challenge of interpreting for them. We hope to have originals from such classics as Foucault’s Pendulum and One Hundred Years of Solitude in the show. Perhaps even Catch 22, or Arabian Nights …

We’ll have ‘Open House’ for the whole week and look forward to making this work available for all to see.

There will be some work for sale:

Three large-format archival limited-edition prints from One of a Kind: Art genres, 24 different images, in different styles, each one a cat The Tool Shed, the main character, Arvo, looks for his bike puncture kit Vehicles: ships, planes, trucks, helicopters, cars

The inspiration for a book on taxonomy first came from Neil’s passion for cheese. This first piece, showing his favourites on a cheeseboard, will be available as a smaller print, suitable for every kitchen.

Silk Roads

We’ll be selling the Silk Roads book, which Neil will be happy to dedicate as instructed, and there is also a very handsome map in a medieval style which was not included in the book but which will be offered as an archival print.

Original Art

The exhibition will include original art from his previous books:

Original art commissioned by Walker Books for Gillian Cross’s adaptations of ‘The Iliad’ and ‘The Odyssey’.

Originals from his book ‘Book’ written by John Agard

We’ll also be showing a remarkable painted map which shows Neil’s own ‘Anti-Gentrification Train Garden’ which takes its form from the London Underground map and a model railway but with favourite haunts illustrated, many of which are fast disappearing from the city. We plan to show the film of this image, with a model train running, complete with commentary.

You can learn more about Neil and his world through the videos that can be found here.




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